Today’s business world moves at a breakneck pace to keep up with the quickly changing times. Companies are increasingly trying to hire people with experience because managers do not always have the time to train new hires from scratch.

Emiratis, however, also possess a unique set of skills. How will students gain the experience that employers value if no company gives them an opportunity to prove themselves?

Experienced workers would have a shorter learning curve 

Because they would be familiar with the specifics of the position. A newcomer, though, has a different viewpoint. Millennials and Gen Z, two generations that are focused, motivated, and eager for opportunity, make up the majority of the younger population today. Continue reading to learn why businesses hire new hires and how this helps both parties:

Fresh Grads Vs. Experienced Workers: Consider Costs!

Fresh Emirati grads do not approach you with astronomically high wage expectations. In addition, they are creative and ready to learn. Freshers are a more cost-effective option for startups and businesses with limited resources.

Hiring new employees is more practical for small enterprises and startups than hiring experienced workers.

Training New Employees Isn’t as Difficult as You Think

The chance to learn and develop is what newcomers are waiting for. Since they just graduated from college, they are much more disciplined and open to instruction. They are also motivated and diligent. They pick things up rapidly while working as a result. Additionally, Gen Z and millennials are skilled multitaskers and can manage several responsibilities much better.

Emirati fresh grads are superior to laterals for a second reason: they are technologically savvy, and a thorough training manual and introduction lectures are frequent enough to enable them to get started right away.

They Learn As Quickly As They Unlearn

Fresh grads have never held a job elsewhere. This aids businesses in better molding individuals to their own organization’s rules and culture. You have the opportunity to make a strong first impression on your employees as a business. A skilled individual, on the other hand, has already acclimated to a different organization’s culture and policies, and for some people, unlearning isn’t that simple.

Fresh Emirati grads also bring new insights and fresh ideas. Give them a chance to express their perspectives and encourage them to talk about their ideas. Who knows, they might have the next big idea for your business!

The Next Generation Is Tech Savvy

Technology was a part of the upbringing of Emirati millennials and Generation Z. They are familiar with social media and how technology may be applied to produce goods that are superior, quicker, and more effective. Their ongoing web presence enables companies to keep up with trends and learn what clients like and dislike. In teams working on product development, digital marketing, UI/UX, and other areas where technology is crucial, they might be a wonderful addition.

For instance, social media marketing is becoming a key component of business expansion. Fresh grads are excellent at picking up new software, and by utilizing the most recent tools, they can completely change how your company runs!

Maintain Global Reach; They’ll Show You How

Thanks to social media platforms, today’s youth are more closely connected to their peers around the world. They are aware of international events before you are. They also know how to sift through the Internet’s haystack of fake information to find the true needle. They are the ideal consultants for you if you want to win over a global audience.

Fresh grads can not only assist you in reaching the appropriate target audience, but they can also evaluate their wants and develop solutions to meet those goals. So, in a society impacted by social media, fresh grads are your largest influencers!

Catch Them Early!

Fresh grads will succeed if you provide them with learning chances and an excellent working atmosphere! Utilize the strengths that millennials and Gen Z bring to the table so that your organization gains as much as they do. They might end up staying put for a while because of this. Fresh grads are aware of the benefits of stability in employment and how it affects their resumes.

Additionally, fresh grads value ongoing skill development. Therefore, if you hire an Emirati fresher, you can be confident that they will figure out how to rise to the top on their own.

Comparing Freshers and Experienced Employees

Look through what we’ve read thus far, shall we?


  • Affordable to employ
  • Training is simple;
  • High adaptability
  • Powerful technical abilities
  • Make contact with influential people throughout the world
  • Simple to keep freshers

Experienced Employees:

  • Costly to compensate
  • Little to no excitement for learning new skills
  • Minimal adaptability
  • Technically inept
  • Lack connect with global customers
  • High-skill workforce retention is a challenge

An entire generation of bright young Emirati minds is awaiting an opportunity. Be the organization that supports them and provides them the chance to succeed. They might simply be the resource that makes your business successful!

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