We can only be confident that life will be filled with a lot of uncertainty. Stability in life doesn’t come from avoiding uncertainty, but from handling it skillfully.

Instead Of Battling Insecurity, Learn To Accept It

Life offers a lot to be grateful for. For instance, I just finished a fantastic breakfast. But sometimes life is also gloomy and sad. In addition, everyone is eventually crushed by father time, and it’s never pretty.

It is unavoidable to feel uncertain about the future given how frail our lives are. Some might believe that the best course of action is to combat it, to exert every effort to reach a state of total security and contentment. Avoid doing this.

Fighting against these emotions only makes them more powerful and has a negative impact on your life. For the sake of argument, imagine if you detested grass more than anything else in the world.

What if you were fixated on mowing down every blade of grass you came across? The fact that there is more grass than you can ever eliminate would pose a HUGE problem in your life.

You can never completely eliminate the unknowns of the future. They must be your neighbours.

It’s preferable for those who despise grass and uncertainty to learn to coexist with them. What else do you suppose a grass hater would do, too? The grass outdoors would definitely keep them inside because it is too much for them to handle. People who can’t stand uncertainty also avoid it at tremendous expense.

Uncertainty is the only thing that life itself is avoided! It implies that you won’t take risks. You won’t be moving. You won’t pose awkward queries to yourself or others. You will protect yourself to the extent of your soul’s internal death.

Given how brief our lives are, feeling apprehensive about the future is unavoidable. Some might think that fighting it, making every effort to achieve a condition of complete security and contentment, is the best course of action. Don't do this.

It would be better for those who hate facts and uncertainty to learn how to live alongside them. 

What if, instead, you developed a tolerance for uncertainty? Ironically, doing that would make your life more stable.

What Life Stability Is In Reality

Though sensible, it is erroneous to equate life stability with physics stability. In physics, objects that are stable are ones that are predictable and immobile. However, the internal barometer of life stability is more characterized by our thoughts and feelings than by actual events (though both matter). Life is unpredictable and surely uncertain, but that's what makes it the most interesting right? Ever thought about knowing it all before it even happened? It does sound great initially but it might not be a good idea (for obvious reasons).

Life Stability Is Not Directly Correlated With Our Deeds

Think of your travels.

Traveling carries risk. You are more vulnerable while traveling than you would be if you stayed home, and it is more expensive. Traveling seems to be the complete antithesis of steadiness in life. That is correct in a certain sense. But precisely because of its inherent instability, travel can increase your sense of inner security.

Making a statement by traveling when you could stay home. You’ve made the decision to live with uncertainty, if not embrace it. Imagine how many people experience this when they travel.

  • Free
  • Alive
  • Connected
  • Happy
  • Confident
  • even… stable!

Travel is simply one illustration of this crucial idea: It is essential to preserve internal life stability to take actions that show comfort with uncertainty or instability. It’s unexpected, but taking calculated risks can actually increase life stability.

The unexpected secret to achieving stability in life is to accept all of the uncertainties, doubts, and instability that will always be a part of it.

When we struggle against something that won’t budge, instability results. Despite our best efforts, uncertainty still exists. This uses up a lot of our emotional and mental energy in a conflict that is fruitless. Fighting for something as desirable as certainty may seem rational, but is fighting a battle you will never win really logical?

I’m not advocating that you embrace uncertainty. Uncertainty in your finances or, for example, health issues are obviously not enjoyable. 

Therefore, It's true when they say, we can only be sure that there will be a lot of ambiguity in life. Life stability results from managing uncertainty successfully, not from avoiding it.

It’s more important to develop a respect for and awareness of how unpredictable all of life is, then use that knowledge to the best of your ability rather than attempting to ignore or alter it.

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